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  • Breast implant size and the breast envelope

    Category Contents in English on 2014.11.14 17:43

    Breast implant size and the breast envelope Hi. I'm Dr. Lee. Today I will write about the details of the topic, 'How to choose the breast implant size for augmentation mammaplasty. Last time I mentioned breast width has supreme importance for choosing the size. But another important factor is the breast envelope. Nearly everybody who wants augmentation surgery hopes her breast become as big as p..

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  • When can I golf again after the breast surgery?

    Category Contents in English on 2014.11.07 15:50

    Golf after breast augmentation surgery So many people are asking this question. today's posting is the answer, When can I golf after the breast augmentation surgery? Let's think about the muscle contraction during the golf swing. For a right handed golfer, right triceps muscle, trapezius, and various forearm muscles would contract during the back swing. Left arm would just follow, this side musc..

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